Prescription Shooting Glasses

Diane Turini has been looking for prescription safety glasses and seems to have found a treasure. She writes:

I spent hours researching links from Google searches for "RX Safety Glasses". After a number of phone calls to the final candidates, calls to the manufacturers, and a personal trip to a local optical store that supplies Boeing employees with RX safety glasses, I decided to go with:

You'll see that Discount Safety carries many choices for safety glasses, but few choices for prescription inserts. A lot of sites will fill the glasses with your prescription, but I wanted interchangeable color guards to keep within a budget. The only options for RX inserts from Discount Safety are North (models Lightning and Lightning Plus) and Uvex (model XC).

The optical store I visited carried Uvex. I liked the fit, however changing the guard color requires the individual right and left lenses be removed and reinserted into a channel on top of the frame. This was not as simple as the North brand and was a bit clumsy for me. So I opted for the North Lightning Plus.

I ordered:

Altogether the order including shipping was less than $95.00. I called to place the order with a live person. Very helpful. I received the classes in less than 2 weeks.

I'm a happy shooter!

Thanks, Diane! (posted 5/19/2010)