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Armed citizen, 2nd amendment, gun rights

.22LR as a defensive round - I've had a few readers take issue with my article on Wednesday about defensive firearms on a budget, particularly my comments about training disabled shooters using table tennis balls or equivalent targets. Some people seem to think that such results are impossible - in other words, they think I'm lying. Others believe it's irresponsible to recommend the 'puny' .22LR as a defensive round. I'd like to take a little time to address both perspectives. (From the web site)

The 5 best cartridges for CCW - "There are so many different cartridges on the market, it’s not uncommon for new shooters to end up with decision paralysis when trying to figure out what their new defensive cartridge should be. There are lots of choices, from tiny mousegun calibers like the .25 ACP all the way up to ridiculous wildcat cartridges and boutique magnum rounds. But what’s the best? Here are our top 5 choices." (From the web site)
Spoiler: "The best cartridge is the one that’s loaded in the gun you’re carrying when you really need it. Like every says, having a gun is the most important thing. Knowing how to use it well is second, and third is having it loaded with one of the rounds on this list. It’s important, but not as important as some people think." (Also from the web site)

All About the Legal Right to Bear Arms A list of resources that explains the Second Amendment in great detail, and offers information pertinent to gun ownership, gun safety and hunting. (Hat tip to Leanne and Bethany in Philadelphia)

An opinion on gun control -- A long discussion on gun control by a former gun shop owner, competitive shooter, and concealed weapons instructor. Written as a response to the Newtown shoooting tragedy.

The Armed Citizen - It's back after being off-line for a while due to a lawsuit. Stories of armed self-defense from our armed brother and sister sheepdogs all across the fruited plain. They're also going to track other news stories, legislation, press releases, editorials and events of interest to the armed citizen. [Hat tip to The Cornered Cat]

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network "Our mission, indeed, our entire focus is the preparation, education and legal defense of Network members who defend themselves and their families, then face unmeritorious prosecution by the criminal justice system. The Network is an organization of gun owners pooling their strength to protect one another when a member comes under scrutiny of the legal system after acting in self defense." (From the web site) - "The Internet's best resource for conceal and carry news, legal info, reviews, informative articles, opinions, ccw training courses, and more." [quoted from the site] The site also has state-by-state CCW information, reciprocity charts that show where you can carry if you have multiple permits, and a travel planner showing where you can carry along your route.

Carrying While Shopping -- "Have you considered the myriad difficulties associated with carrying concealed while shopping? Here are some great ways to overcome those issues." (from Shooting Illustrated)

Concealed Carry Means Fewer Murders, Says New Study Quinnipiac University economist Mark Gius has published a new study, "An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws and assault weapons bans on state-level murder rates," in the journal Applied Economics Letters. A conclusion (from the abstract): "These results suggest that restrictive concealed weapons laws may cause an increase in gun-related murders at the state level."

D.C. vs. Heller Supreme Court Decision - History was made in June! Here is the Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment as written by Justice Antonin Scalia, with dissent from Justice Breyer.

Distance is Your Friend In a self-defense situation, distance provides a way to escape without escalation, and it will benefit the prepared citizen in case lethal force is required.

Everything you always wanted to know about women’s conceal carry. - A video showing options for women to carry a concealed pistol.

Everything You Think You Know About An Active Shooter Situation Is Wrong - "I have just completed the ALICE training course on dealing with an active shooter situation. If your business has not gone through this, you need to get them on board. Immediately. This is simply some of the best training I have ever been through. And it does not involve using firearms at all. ... "ALICE" is the acronym for a series of responses: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. You do not need to do all of these responses, or in the order spelled out in the acronym. You do whatever your situation demands at the moment." (from the article)

For self-defense: .22 beats .45 -- Sure to cause debate, a video arguing that the .22 LR is the best self-defense round.

Gun Control Facts -- Lots of facts and statistics relevant to gun control. Topics included are: General Facts, Ownership, Crime and Self Defense, Background Checks and Criminals' Sources of Guns, Right-to-Carry Laws, Accidents, Politics, and Constitution. Originally written September 13, 2010. Revised 12/28/12.

GunCite A reference page with a wealth of information on the 2nd Amendment, statistics, and gun control news and views

Gun Facts - Gun Facts is a free e-book that debunks common myths about gun control. It is intended as a reference guide for journalists, activists, politicians, and other people interested in restoring honesty to the debate about guns, crime, and the 2nd Amendment.

Handgun Laws - used to be the site to go to for state-by-state concealed carry info, but now sometime it's up, sometimes it's down, and the info is mostly out of date. This site has many of the same graphics, is updated regularly, and has links to knife laws, tribal land laws, and convenient links to airline, train, bus and cruise ship company's firearms policies.

Handgun slide manipulation -- "You cannot run a semi-automatic handgun without operating the slide, and there are several different ways for you to perform this task. " (from Shooting Illustrated)

How To Carry A Concealed Weapon With A Men's Suit, Sport Jacket Or Blazer - A Concealed Carry Guide This article endeavors to inform law abiding citizens of what the unique requirements are for those who choose to carry a concealed handgun while wearing a suit. (From the web site)

How to shoot a handgun accurately. Massad Ayoob's five-point "pre-flight check list" to go through before you fire the shot. As with any structure, you start from the bottom up. Those points are: 1) Strong stance. 2) High hand grasp. 3) Hard grip. 4) Front sight. 5) Smooth rearward roll of the trigger.

JPFO "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership", a large and active organization defending our 2nd Amendment rights.

Keep and Bear Arms - A website that lists articles where legally armed citizens have defended themselves or others with a firearm. It is updated daily. It can be used to defeat the anti-gun ideas that say people can't defend themselves with guns. (Hat tip to Rich Domnick)

Link Between Firearms, Crime and Gun Control - According to a study in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, which cites the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the United Nations International Study on Firearms Regulation, the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity. (From the web site)

Massad Ayoob’s 10 Commandments Of Concealed Carry "COMMANDMENT I: If You Choose To Carry, Always Carry As Much As Possible . . .

Number One With a Bullet. The USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth. But we're not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world. (Hat tip to Front Sight.)

Packing & the Friendly Skies -- Travelling with firearms. Procedures, advice on luggage (he uses a surplus 81 mm mortar case), summary of applicable law, 1 hour video presentation (language probably NSFW), and airline report cards.

Responding to a Violent Home Invasion - [These case studies] will present different tactics used to respond to home invasions, and I will discuss lessons that we can all take away from each case. Then I will go over a few more concrete tips specific to the armed response like gun selection, target identification, and mitigating the risk of bullet over-penetration. (from the article)

Run. Hide. Fight.® At our October 2014 meeting, John Holschen of West Coast Armory North was our guest speaker. He recommended this video produced by the city of Houston, Texas, on surviving an active shooter event. He says they got it about 90% right. You can see it on YouTube or the link above for .wmp and .mp4 formats.

Seattle Gun Rights Examiner's Articles - An index of articles written by Dave Workman for of Spokane. Dave Workman has spoken several times to the Club and is a senior editor of Gun Week, communications director for the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, award-winning outdoor writer, former member of the NRA Board of Directors. [Hat tip to Wayne Wessels]

Self-defense is a constitutional right. A Washington [state] Court of Appeals decision. The case involved shooting an animal (which is not a self-defense case covered by Washington laws). The state argued that the defendant was not entitled to a self-defense jury instruction. The Court of Appeals disagreed.

Self-Defense Myths That Just Won’t Die: 11 Experts Weigh-In "I recently spoke with 11 respected experts and instructors in the defensive firearms community to get their take on which of these ideas and myths they believe are the most damaging. Here’s what they had to say." (From the web site)

Self-Defense Skills That Will Keep You Alive - "Be it a terrorist attack, home invasion, active shooting or other undesired event, violent physical attacks on individuals who are unaware and unprepared for them are, sadly, becoming the new normal. Those who are aware and prepared are concerned about self-defense and protecting their family. What separates the prepared from the unprepared? Mindset, skills and confidence." (from the article)

Self-Defense / Stand Your Ground Video (31 mins.) discussing the five elements of self-defense and the confusion about Stand Your Ground laws. This is an interview for German TV (conducted in English in Feb. 2014) talking about the American view of self-defense and how "Stand Your Ground" did or did not apply to recent trials (Zimmerman and Dunn are mentioned.) The interviewee is attorney Andrew Branca, author of the book The Law of Self Defense.

Shotguns vs. rifles for home defense - A look at the various factors involved in choosing a rifle or a shotgun for home-defense.

Shotguns: The Best Felon Killing Home Defense Tool Ever Made - Countless hours have been spent arguing what makes the “best” home defense gun. ... Frequently, when talking about home defense guns, the shotgun is brought up first. The shotgun can make a very good home defense weapon, but it does have limitations that should be carefully considered. (from the web site)

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus - a site created by college students who want legal permit holders to be able to carry concealed pistols on college campuses. A grass roots effort that is now more that 7000 people strong. See if there is a chapter at your alma mater.

Ten Things NOT To Do if Arrested - I have been practicing criminal law for 24 years and have seen a wide variety of reactions by people who are being arrested. Some of these reactions are unwise but understandable. Others are self defeating to the point of being bizarre. No one plans to be arrested, but it might help to think just once about what you will do and not do if you ever hear the phrase “Put your hands behind you.” The simplest “to do” rule is to do what you are told. Simple, but somehow it often escapes someone who is either scared or intoxicated. More important to guarding your rights and interests are ten things you SHOULD NOT do. [quoted from the site]
(Hat tip to Wayne)

US Concealed Carry "The Ultimate Resource for the Armed Citizen" - A general discussion of the fundamental principles of justified use of force. [Hat tip to The Cornered Cat]

When Being a Good Guy Isn't Enough - An article on a Model 1911 related web site that discusses the events surrounding the armed-citizen shootings in Tyler, Texas and Tacoma Washington

Why Gun Owners Are Right to Fight Against Gun Control . . . Understanding the rejection [of the Toomey-Manchin gun control proposal] requires understanding gun owners’ shared experiences. Compromise requires that both parties relinquish something. If your counterpart’s position is “give me this now, and I’ll take the rest later,” there is no real compromise to be had. Over decades, that has been precisely the experience of American gun owners. . . .

Antiques, collectables - This website is a repository of United States Government issue pistol, revolver, and long arms research, data, and conclusions that have been compiled by collectors who have graciously shared the fruits of their labors.

Cruffler a site dedicated to the needs of the firearms historian, collector and enthusiast, with an emphasis on Curio & Relic Firearms.

Forgotten Weapons: The Burgess Folding Shotgun . . . it is firearms where Burgess truly made his mark. One of the most interesting and distinctive guns he designed was a pump-action folding shotgun in the 1890s. The pump action as we know it today uses the front grip to slide back and forth to operate the bolt, but in Burgess' day that idea had been patented by Christopher Spencer (yes, the same man who designed the iconic Civil War lever action Spencer rifle) and Sylvester Roper. So Burgess had to find a different way to design his shotgun. . . . (from the web site) - A handgun information resource. Contains quite a lot of information.

(Hat tip to the Cornered Cat)

Blogs, general information

5 tips to getting good firearms advice on the internet. When you do need help from the internet, no matter what question you ask and where, you’re going to get good answers and bad answers. Here are five ways to make sure you sort the wheat from the chaff. (from the web site)

Best Hunting Rifle Scopes Review - "Here, we will discuss five of the best scopes available for a variety of needs, so you can choose the best equipment to suit your personal requirements." (From the web site)

The Box O' Truth - The purpose of the Box O' Truth is to test the penetration of various rounds. There is only one way to know how much a certain round penetrates. You must shoot it into a medium and see for a fact. [Hat tip to Wayne Wessels]

Bullseye from 1,000 yards: Shooting the $17,000 Linux-powered rifle. First-time rifle shooter gets a bullseye at 1008 yards with new computerized rifle system. The disconcerting part is that there may be a delay of several seconds between the trigger pull and the gun firing.

Buying a Used Handgun - Tips for buying used handguns for the recreational shooter (not collector's guns or wall hangers). First tip: Buy from someone that you trust [sounds like a good place to start].

Checking a Used 1911 with a Purchase in Mind -- A step-by-step process of evaluating a used 1911.

Cornered Cat - "No one in her right mind fights for the sake of fighting. But if you have to defend yourself, it's good to have sharp claws."
From the web site: Below you will find articles dealing with gun safety, kids, mindset, and much more. There are glossaries and step-by-step instructions on the shooting basics. If you've ever wondered about the legal or social or practical or ethical aspects of owning a gun or carrying it, or wonder if carrying a gun is right for you, you've come to the right place.

The Firing Line - "The leading online forum for firearms enthusiasts."

The Benefits of Frangible Bullets - The purpose of frangible bullets is simple: to reduce or eliminate ricochets and backsplash. Sixty years ago, the focus was injury-free fun at shooting galleries; today it’s about CQB (Close Quarter Battle) training and self-defense. (From the web site) - A handgun information resource. Contains quite a lot of information.

(Hat tip to the Cornered Cat)

Guide to Budget Ammo - "Ammunition is like fuel for a car; all of it will get you to the grocery store. If you’re running a race there’s a fuel for that, just like there’s a better fuel for maximizing your miles per gallon. With guns, you don’t always need racing fuel—sometimes you just want to get the most bang for the buck. Fortunately, there are numerous options for affordable, grocery-store ammo." (From the web site)

Gun manuals - PDF manuals for hundreds of guns. If you bought a used gun and need a manual, this is for you! (Also has manuals for flashlights, metal detectors, optics, photography, reloading tools, and some miscellany. Scroll down to the bottom or search.)

Guns, Guns, Guns: All resources about guns - A collection of firearms links. Note: There is an annoying popup when you click on second level links asking if you "want to open the file from the server." There appears to be no harm if you select OK. [Hat tip to Annie N.]

Guns, Holsters and Gear - Gun, Holster, and Gear News and Reviews
Categories: 2010 SHOT Show, Ammunition, Concealed Carry, Holsters, Misc Gear, Pistols, Reloading/Handloading, Revolvers, Rifles A newly updated site with lots of firearms related message boards, an e-store, trading area, and links to gun businesses that sponsor the site.

Gun Shows USA - a site with the schedules of gun shows in all 50 states.

Guns for Women? and The Best Gun for a New Shooter: Semiautomatics vs. Revolvers - Two discussions of the gun to recommend to a new shooter concluding that the knee-jerk revolver prescription should be avoided. [Note that the first link uses "pistol" as a synonym for "semi-automatic pistol."]

Long Guns, Short Yardage: Is .223 the Best Home Defense Caliber? -- The AR15 platform and the .223/5.56mm cartridge for defense. Discusses the overpenetration question and projectiles designed for defensive use. Final quote: "I love my Glock, but there are certain things a pistol just can’t do." (From

Lubrication wars! - Specialized cleaners and lubes? Engine oil, brake cleaner, and lithium grease? Here's an advocate for the latter. Here's the chase: "I’ve used Gun Butter, Wilson Combat Lube, 10-8 Performance Lube, and even FrogLube. They all work just fine, but they don’t work any better than products designed to work inside a V8 at 4000 RPM." (From the web site)

MapMuse Interactive Map of Shooting/Target Ranges across the US

Meditations on shooting -- On making shooting fun for someone you are introducing to shooting.

Mr. Completely - The blog of a local (Kitsap County) Senior World Champion steel shooter. Be sure to see the piece that KING 5's Evening Magazine did on his shooting (and note the emphasis on safety).

NRA National Match Results - The NRA National Outdoor Rifle & Pistol Championships are fired at Camp Perry, OH, during July and August. The top shooters from around the country come to compete in centerfire pistol, rimfire pistol, small bore rifle and high power rifle, with dozens of matches, trophies and awards.

The Other Three Rules -- What can happen if you forget there is more than just one rule of safe gun handling. (From the Cornered Cat)

Packing Pretty -- A Tactical Guide for Women on Concealed Carry & Personal Protection

Places to Shoot in WA The Washington State Rifle & Pistol Association link to a listing of places to shoot in Washington.

Putting Down The Man Gun - One shooter's story of why he switched from a .45 [The Man Gun] to a 9mm. S.W.A.T. Magazine - "Hobby and Info Source For All Rimfire Caliber Ammo and Firearms" (from the site).
Forums discussing all aspects of rimfire firearms (e.g., merits of subsonic rounds) and some non-firearm threads.

Responding to a Violent Home Invasion - ... we’re going to take a look at the various factors involved in choosing a rifle or a shotgun for home-defense. (Spoiler: The rifle wins in his analysis, but there are dissenting opinions in the comments.) (from the article)

Snohomish County No shooting Designated Areas This map may be purchased from Snohomish County Planning & Development.

So You Want To Own a Gun -- Advice for the first-timer. This is the beginning of a multi-part series: part 2 (Safety, technique, and the .22LR), part 3 (Self-defense basics) and part 4 (hunting, target, and competition shooting), and part 5 (an unplanned topic discussing the Aurora CO theater shooting). A future post on getting the most out of plinking appears to be planned. (Available as a Kindle book from Amazon ($0.99))

Stored Ammunition — Dangerous? If you've heard Wayne's tale of his truck catching fire with ammo in it, you (like I) may have wondered just how dangerous stored ammunition is. The Cornered Cat (a great web site) has linked to a video on "Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter" that explores the question. The tests range from single cartridges ignited outside a firearm (e.g., primer accidentally struck) to a semi-trailer containing 252,000 rounds set on fire. Bottom line: stored sporting ammunition (not in a firearm) posed no danger to firefighters with normal firefighting gear. The video is about 25 minutes long.

The Evils Of Speed Holstering -- Problems with shoving your pistol back in your holster. (Slightly NSFW full leg photo of injury [from hip].) Remember, there are no prizes for being the first to reholster. (From DownRange.TV)

The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry How to arrange good-looking clothing around the decidedly non-standard bulge of a handgun is a topic worth looking at. It’s something that a whole range of men need to think about: police detectives, security guards, entrepreneurs in dangerous countries, and even your average American civilian who prefers to be armed. (From the web site)

Why the 9? A number of [police] departments who issue .40 S&W, .357 sig, and .45 ACP sidearms have switched to 9mm pistols or have been rumored to be considering it, leading many people out there to ask why a department would “downgrade” to a 9mm. Let’s explore some of the reasons why agencies are looking at going to 9mm pistols…


Puget Sound/Washington lawyers dealing with firearms issues. This list is not exhaustive. Suggestions for additions are welcome. Appearance on this list is not an endorsement.

Ferguson, Royce - "Helping people who have been injured or wronged or accused of crime" (Email)

Knapp, Mark S. - Advocacy & Criminal Defense. (Email)

Newman, David M. - Rainier Law Group - Gun rights restoration. (Mr. Newman has made the legal presentation in many of the Club's personal protection classes.) (Email)

Padula, Elizabeth A. - Padula Associates, LLC - Criminal defense. (Email)

Organizations Arms Collectors of Southwest Washington. A newly started web page for a gun collecting group near Vancouver, WA. If you frequently travel to southern Washington or Portland, Oregon, stop by and check out one of their shows.

BER&PC Boeing Employees Rifle & Pistol Club

BESSC Boeing Employees Shotgun Sports Club

Civilian Marksmanship Program - The CMP is involved in all of the National and Regional rifle matches, including the National Matches at Camp Perry. They also sell military surplus M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, 1903 Springfields and 1903A3 rifles, ammunition and parts to civilians who meet certain criteria. BEEGC is an affiliated organization (which permits our members to purchase firearms from them).

GOA Gun Owners of America

Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club A nice club with a great range in Langley, WA

Marysville Rifle Club We usually hold our July and August club meetings there and do some trap shooting.

NRA National Rifle Association

Washington Arms Collectors -- WAC puts on one of the largest gun shows in Washington State. Members also receive the monthly Gun News magazine.

Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation

Sites devoted to specific firearms The one place to find out everything there is to know about the venerable AR-15. Message boards, equipment exchange, tools and services section, this site has it all!

Buying a Budget AR-15 - Report of an experiment of looking at a lowest cost tier AR to see if it could hold its own as a "basic bullet launcher."

Colt 1911 Animation - A page on the 1911forum website that has an interactive animation of a 1911 pistol as it goes through the loading, firing, and ejection sequence. Very cool stuff!!!

Glock 21 Torture Test - Read one man's journal of mistreatment and abuse of a Glock 21 (45 ACP) in an attempt to make it fail to fire. He even dropped it from an airplane!

The Glock Store - Your ultimate online source for Glock Parts and Accessories

The Gospel According To John (Moses Browning) - John Moses Browning was perhaps the finest firearms designer, ever. His designs continue to work and to serve almost 100 years after they were created. There is an ongoing controversy about the reliability and safety of current 1911s vs. other "modern" pistols and I think this about sums the situation up. [quoted from the site]
A somewhat humorous view of the 1911 vs. the later "improvements" made on the design.

High Powers and Handguns - A web site dedicated to the Browning High Power, this is a link to their "other handguns" section with many interesting and informative articles on all types of handguns.

The M1911 Pistols Organization The organization is an on-line reference on the M-1911 pistol, first created in 1994, as a service to Internet community interested in this fine firearm.

SigForum - A forum page with messages and discussion for all Sig Sauer firearms.

Suppliers, stores

Ammo Man - Rifle and Pistol ammo

AmmoSeek - No more wasting time searching all over the web for available ammo at reasonable prices! AmmoSeek will search various online retailers for ammunition that is IN STOCK and available for shipping. (From their web site)

Brownells, Inc. - One of the best and most complete sites for gun parts, gun accessories, gunsmithing tools, metal & wood finishing supplies and how to books. The professional and amateur gunsmith's main resource. - "If you are looking for bulk ammunition, you came to the right website! We pride ourselves on offering only the best deals to the most serious shooters for bulk handgun ammo, bulk rifle ammo, bulk shotgun ammo, and bulk rimfire ammo." [from their web site]

CCR Refinishing - Firearm Refinishing services, quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Refinishing of handguns, rifles, shotguns using Cera-Hide a teflon/moly based ceramic coating.

Concealed Carry Clothiers - A site with holsters, belts, vests and other items for concealed carry, tactical tips, etc.

Damsel in Defense -- Non-lethal defense items primarily for women. (Lorraine, our past president, is a distributor.)

Davidson's Gallery of Guns - Website of a firearms distributor. Order your gun from them and have it shipped to your favorite FFL Dealer!

Discount Gun Sales - A great gun shop with something for everyone! They have four locations in the area; Everett, Kirkland, Seattle and South Center. EGC appreciates their support. When you go into their store, tell them you are a EGC member and thank them for their support!

Discount Safety - A source for prescription safety glasses. [Hat tip to Diane Turini -- see Diane's comments]

Discreet Clothing - Concealed Carry Comfort - Comments on comfortable concealment from a former cop. Specific products are recommended.

E-Gun Directory - An index of hunting, fishing and shooting resources. Guns, accessories, knives, optics, hunting & fishing guides, taxidermy and more links can be found here.

GrayGuns - The official home of Grayguns Inc. Bruce Gray is a master gunsmith, Grand Master practical shooting competitor and Captain of Team SIGARMS. Grayguns Inc. specializes in firearms instruction, industry consulting services and high grade pistolsmithing.

Grumpy's Gun Repair - Granite Falls WA. New & used firearms, gunsmith and stock work - A complete listing of gun and shooting supplies in one place. - "Near realtime tracking of who has ammo, mags and reloading supplies in stock." Site loads slowly. - is an informative, detailed, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms and hunting/shooting accessories. promotes responsible gun ownership. Ownership policies and regulations are followed using licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents. Currently has over 2 million registered users, with 500,000 auctions running at any time. (Description supplied by

Jackye's Enterprises Inc. - Everett WA. Corporate apparel, embroidery, engraving, & team uniforms

Kelly's Gun Sales - The shop of Kelly Bachand, who appeared on the History Channel's "Top Shot" and returns in "Top Shot All-Stars" (premiered 5/29/13). The shop bills itself as "Firearms and accessories from an expert you can trust."

Kesselring Gun Shop - Burlington WA. New & used firearms

Lucky Gunner Ammo - "In stock ammo is what Lucky Gunner Ammo is all about. Whether you are looking for handgun ammo, rifle ammo, or shotgun ammo, you've come to the best place on the Internet to find it all in stock and ready to ship - today! Lucky Gunner Ammo carries bulk ammo and discount ammo for all of your ammunition needs. If it's ammo for handguns, rifles, or shotguns and you see it on our website, we've got it here, - cheap, online, and in stock, ready to ship to your door!" (from their site).
"Everything You See is IN STOCK. We Ship SAME DAY or the Next Business Day." (also from their web site)
(Hat tip to say uncle)

Midway USA - Their online catalog boasts "62,539 Shooting, Reloading, Gunsmithing, Hunting and Outdoor Products"

Natchez Shooter's Supply - A great mail-order site with great products and great prices on all types of shooting, hunting and reloading products.

The NRA Store - Give your favorite gun enthusiast a special gift from the NRA store.

Oregon Trail Bullet Company - A Pacific Northwest maker of cast bullets for reloading. They have an excellent reputation for good quality and reasonable prices. Makers of LaserCast® and TrueShot® bullets.

Precise Shooter - PreciseShooter is a startup company dedicated to firearms services to the employees of high-tech companies in Seattle metropolitan area.
We are the company of engineers built for engineers!
PreciseShooter carries a small selection of products which we personally research and use, and for which we can guarantee the exceptionally high quality and price-performance ratio.
We primarily specialize on products for highly accurate target shooting. If you are a competitive shooter who lives in Seattle area, you have come to the right place! (from their web site)
FFL transfers: $25 per gun
Located on Aurora Ave N in Seattle near Green Lake. Relocated to 19820 40th Ave W, Lynnwood.

Robar Guns - Famous for its NP-3 finish, Robar refinishes all types of firearms and also offers custom gunsmithing.

Sierra Bullets links - Large list of categorized links

Sinclair International (A Brownells Company) -- Products for the precision shooter. Ammo, reloading, accessories, books/video/software, parts/tools.

Sportsman's Guide - The Sportsman's Guide sells top-quality Discount Hunting Boots, Discount Ammunition, Discount Ammo, Discount Hunting Gear, Gifts, and more at low prices.

Sprinco - products and accessories for firearms. Their recoil reducer for 1911 pistols is recommended by an EGC club member.

Top Gun Supply - Specializing in fine quality firearms, parts and accessories.

West Coast Armory North - Pro shop and indoor range.

Winchester Firearms - The main web site for the Winchester Firearms Company

Training, competition

The 21-Foot Rule. - If you are attacked from inside of 21 feet, you will have to adjust your tactics. (from Shooting Illustrated)

5 Gunfighting Myths Debunked By Massad Ayoob - "Exposing the facts and cold, hard truths of real-world gunfights!" #1 is: IF YOU CAN’T DO IT WITH SIX, YOU CAN’T DO IT AT ALL! (From the web site)

The Appleseed Project - The Appleseed Program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman. All throughout American history, the rifleman has been defined as a marksman capable of hitting a man-sized target from 500 yards away — no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Are Long-Barreled Handguns More Accurate? - Massad Ayoob is finding himself more accurate with compact handguns. He speculates on the reasons (eye sight changes as we age, better fit to his hand).

Back to Basics: Understanding Your Handgun Trigger - A discussion of the various types of handgun actions: striker-fired, single action & double action revolvers, single action semi-automatics, double-action-only semi-automatics, and double action/single action.

Armed Defense Training Association - Building Practical Self-Defense Skills
The ADTA is a member-led, member-instructed non-profit based in Federal Way, Washington. We originally came together with our various skills and experience because we wanted to be able to learn and practice handgun skills beyond what you can do at a typical gun range. Today, as a group we contract out with local ranges, provide our own Range Safety Officers, develop Instructors and Mentors from within our membership, and conduct down-range exercises you can't do by yourself -- movement, presentation, concealment, reloading, multiple target, low-light, contact, and more. Every month, the ADTA conducts valuable workshops and live-fire range sessions to help everyone both maintain the important self-defense skills they have, and to share and learn new skills in an inclusive community of peers. (From the web site)

Concealed-Carry Myths - Many new concealed-carry permit holders subscribe to a variety of myths that could have potentially deadly consequences. Here are five of the most common. (From the web site)

Concealed-Carry Practice Session. - "When we go to the range, we tend to do what’s fun or easy rather than concentrating on improving our weakest skills, and that’s OK." Suggestions for a 20 round concealed-carry practice session. Remember: At West Coast Armory North, you must be checked out by range staff before drawing and firing from a holster. (from Shooting Illustrated)

Dry Fire Routine - Instead of doing the same thing every day for a month and then changing the routine when you feel comfortable, this [routine] is designed to put emphasis on the important things and still get in some practice of less in-demand skills. It also keeps things interesting so you don’t burn out doing nothing but press-outs or basic trigger press drills day after day. (From the web site)

Electronic Sights: A look at why they exist, how they work, and how you use them. - A look at the history, types, and uses of electronic sights.

Finding a Handgun Grip that Fits - A few common grip problems that can prevent you from shooting a handgun well.

Firearms Academy of Seattle - A Seattle-area training facility teaching tactical firearm survival skills.

Fisch and Tips: Grip - Everything you need to know about proper grip on a handgun from a security professional with decades of shooting experience.

Front Sight - Firearms training

Good Shooting Habits - Discusses "muscle memory" aka habitual practices and the importance of making your training support the activity you are training for. "It has been said that practice makes perfect and we know that is wrong. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Watch out for those bad habits—they just plain aren’t worth collecting." (From the web site)

Goodbye Low and Left: 8 Ways to Cure a Flinch. - If you want to improve your handgun shooting, at some point you’re going to run into the issue of flinching. There tends to be a lot of shame and self-denial involved with this problem, but every shooter deals with it at some point. (from the article)

Gun Talk TV - Whether you have been shooting for 50 years, or you are brand new to the shooting sports, you'll find what you need right here. The top shooters and instructors are here, in living color, to show you how to get started, how to get into new shooting games, how to be safe around guns, how to teach children and friends to shoot, and anything else that has to do with shooting or guns. Whether your interest is in trap, skeet, sporting clays, action pistol, long-range rifle, personal protection, or you just want the basics of what is a gun and how to get started, you'll find it here (or you soon will -- we are constantly adding videos). This is your online video "Encyclopedia Ballistica." (From their web site)
Short training videos. Some are free; some require a paid membership ($5.95/month).

How to Properly Grip a Pistol - Head instructor at Babes with Bullets Ladies Action Shooting Camps and World Champion Target Shooter, Kay Miculek, demonstrates for beginner target shooters how to properly grip a semi-automatic pistol. (Video) (From the web site)

How to shoot a handgun accurately - Massad Ayoob: You can get the most of your handgun's intrinsic accuracy by simply performing marksmanship basics correctly. (from the article)

InSights Training - InSights Training Center offers the most complete self-defense, firearms, and tactical training available to civilians and private organizations, law enforcement, and military. We have taught more than 10,000 private citizens, law enforcement officers, instructors, SWAT teams, corrections personnel, security officers, and military personnel. (from the web site)

Lessons from an accidental discharge - "Yes, there IS such a thing as an accidental discharge! We had one on the range during an advanced pistol class this weekend." (From the web site)

The Other Three Rules -- Why there is more than one rule of safe gun handling.

Pacific Firearms Training, LLC - NRA certified firearms training by Vern Zimmerman, retired special operations and US treasury agent, and NRA Training Counselor (also a former BEEGC president).

Stop Holding Your AR Like That. - [I]f you own an AR-15 today then there’s a good chance you either own or have at least considered buying a vertical fore grip. Forward grips may be the most popular tactical rifle accessory out there today, but few truly understand why they came about in the first place and what they were actually designed to do on modern rifles. (from the article)

The Problem with Stopping Power -- A discussion of hand gun stopping power. (From DownRange TV)

Thumbs-Forward Handgun Grip - One of the most recent two-hand grips to show up in defensive training is the thumbs-forward grip. This grip chokes up high on a semi-automatic pistol with both thumbs pointing straight forward along the left side of the frame. It offers significant recoil management for faster follow up shots, and some argue it is inherently accurate. (From the web site)

Training For a Gunfight – How to Train for the Gunfight - ". . . we carry guns because we just might have to use them in defense of life. Therefore, we had better prepare ourselves by running drills that build skills we might actually use for real." (From the web site)

What’s Wrong With My Grip? - Short version: 1. Lack of Strength; 2. Injury; 3. Poor Instruction–One Size Does Not Fit All; 4: Gripping With Only Your Hands.

Why You Aren’t A Better Shooter - "Everyone wants to be a better shooter. Even the best competitors, sportsmen, and tacticians push themselves to new and better skill. But what happens if you get stuck? What if you go to the range week after week and don’t seem to be improving? What if you aren’t sure your skills are where they need to be? What is a good accuracy standard?
"If you’ve been shooting for any length of time, you’ve asked yourself these questions. If you’ve hit a plateau and are wondering how to push your skills to the next level, here are nine possible reasons to consider:" (From the web site)