EGC Club Shoot - April 2006


The club held a shooting activity for members. An "Action Shoot" format was used, where scenarios, or stages,  are set up that require participants to use several different skills, such as shooting multiple targets, reloading, shooting from behind cover and moving to alternate shooting positions. Scores are based on both accuracy and speed. There is a friendly competition to see who wins but safety is paramount and safe gun handling is stressed always.


Wayne demonstrating the technique fro shooting from behind cover the participants in the shooting event listen to safety instructions
Anthony shooting the 1st stage Malfunction clearing was part of this stage
Part of the 1st stage scenario - 3 targets side-by-side Wayne shooting the 1st stage
Shooting the 2nd stage - note the "bush" in front of the shooter The 2nd stage targets from the starting position
The 3rs stage scenario had a lot of targets, some requiring "head" shots Tallying up the score from a shooters run through a stage
A close-up of the "head" shot targets in the 3rd stage Shooting the 3rd stage from behind cover