EGC Freedom Shoot - July 2006

Held at the Ebey Island Range in Everett, WA

The Boeing Employees Everett Gun Club held itís annual Freedom Shoot on July 1nd.  Everyone enjoyed the informal shooting and catching up with some folks we havenít seen in a while. There were also some new faces and we hope to see them again at future events. This being a family event, we did have some sons, daughters and spouses on the range with us also.

There was a small competition for those who wanted to test their skill with firearm. The course of fire was 5 shots from a bench rest and 5 shots standing. Total possible score was 100 - 10X. There were two shooter classes those with rimfire riles, who shot at 50 yards, and those with centerfire rifles, who shot at 100 yards. Prizes were awarded to the top 3 shooters in each class.

We would like to express our thanks to the Ebey Island Sportsman Club and their range masters for hosting our event at their facility. Thanks also goes to club members Fernando, Wayne, Sean and Bill for organizing and planning this event. 


On the firing line Jeff is checking his traget with a spotting scope
Bill firing one of his vintage military rifles Fernando shooting a more modern military variant
Greg getting ready for the benchrest part of the competition Checking targets
Practice Bill, Practice.... Another military rifle shooter
Some of our participants Shooting the standing portion of the competition
There is also a facility for shooting clay targets. Wayne shows us the proper way to mount a shotgun... The range has a clay target thrower on site. Shooters supply the clay birds