EGC Graduate Student Shoot - December 2009

On December 12th, EGC held a club shoot in "Action Pistol" format. 13 shooters participated, and we had a great time, with some interesting and challenging stages. The results and pictures are below.


EGC Action Shoot
Sam's Gun Shop & Range
NameStage 1Stage 2Stage 3TotalRank
Buddy F.24.883559.8845.34651.34712394205.221
Sean P.26.684975.6842.58345.58661884205.262
Greg C.37.011552.0153.701972.70681987211.713
Paul S.31.014071.0142.55547.559121112230.564
Wayne W.31.2588119.2539.152564.15512172255.405
George S.42.9569111.9558.95260.95722193265.906
Fred C.49.61655.6158.821876.8210634140272.437
Mark M.50.383888.3856.511268.5112027147303.898
Marissa F.39.294180.2951.822374.8213426160315.119
Dama H.64.543195.5454.993387.9911530145328.5310
Dylan T.65.0440105.0439.152564.15DNF
Gerry W.35.5079114.5055.871065.87DNF
Don H.66.98101167.98103.938111.93DNF


Stage 1: "Hell Presidente"
A variation of "El Presidente" with the addition of "civilians" who should not be hit.

Don, our only revolver shooter

Marissa, shooting two hand

Sean, shooting one hand, dominant

Scoring. You can see some hits on the civilians.

Stage 2: Beginning seated, then engage four targets around barricades, and finally three targets with a "hostage." Made complicated by reloading coming in the middle of engaging the four center targets.

The targets

First group is engaged seated

Sean shooting between the barricades

Don shooting around the end of the barricades

Stage 3: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
In "A Christmas Story" (1983 movie), Ralphie wanted an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle. So the last stage was shot with a Red Ryder Air Rifle (provided by Wayne).

Shooting from cover at targets moving in the breeze

Shooting from cover

In the movie, everyone told Ralphie that he would "shoot his eye out" with a BB gun. So one of the targets was an eye.

Scoring the "Christmas Tree"