EGC Club Shoot - May 2009

On May 3rd, EGC held a light rifle match with two categories: light rifle and "unlimited." The results are below along with some photos.

In a demonstration of the principle that "90% of success in life consists of showing up," your webmaster won the light rifle category even though he shot abysmally (everyone else chose to shoot in the "unlimited" category). He attributes his poor performance to unfamiliarity with the optics ("That's my story and I'm sticking to it.").

Light rifle category
Fred C. 211929 69 1


Unlimited rifle category
Sean P. 91-2X9191-2X 273-4X 1
Wayne W. 899190 270 2
Joe R. 838298-3X 263-3X 3
Mark M. 7682-1X86 244-1X 4
Robert A. 6884-1X89-2X 241-3X 5

Some of the rifles people brought

Sighting in
Standing (Robert) Standing (Mark)

Kneeling (Sean)

Prone (Mark)
Prone (Robert & Sean) Sean was shooting an air rifle


The categories:

Light rifle

For the unlimited class, there are additional rules