Club Shoot - December 6, 2014

On December 6th, EGC held a pistol shoot at the West Coast Armory North Range. 15 shooters participated. The scores are below the photos.

First stage showing shooting positions (tape lines on floor)

First stage closer

1st position: Two handed

2nd position: Strong hand

3rd position: Weak hand

5 hits out of 6 possible
(bottom right cuts the line, so it counts as a hit)

6 out of 6 possible. Good shooting!

Setting up the second stage
Targets must be engaged in the order
of the numbers at the bottom right of each target.

Start facing to the rear; pistol unloaded on table

Shooting the second stage

Third stage: Start with pistol unloaded on table

Continue to shoot from behind barriers

Good shooting!

Shooting the third stage


NameTotal ScoreRank
Doug W.96.431
Paul S.97.302
Wayne W.122.543
Scott O.134.134
Mark McN.141.185
John W.145.216
Matt L.150.177
George S.152.288
Brien M.175.519
Mark McL.178.8310
Fuzhou H.187.0111
Fred C.194.9612
Jeff C.212.6613
Greg C.213.2214
Bechara M.221.0315