Freedom Shoot - June 2009

The annual EGC shoot to commemorate the Fourth of July holiday and our constitutional freedoms, a.k.a. the "Freedom Shoot," was held at the Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club in Langley, WA on June 27th, 2009.

The rifle range at Holmes Harbor Half of the inside showing how well we cleaned up when we finished
Along the front Downrange with targets posted at 50, 75, 100, and (in the far right) 200 yards
Sighting in iron sights . . . . . . and scopes
An M-1 at 200 yards Making adjustments
Break for lunch (Sean was the chef) After lunch, we set up competition targets at 50 yards (results below)
After the competition, some pistol shooting (no pictures) and general rifle shooting. This is a drop-block, percussion cap rifle.


The friendly competition

Targets were set at 50 yards. Competitors fired 10 rounds from the bench rests. We then advanced to the small berm at about 25 yards and fired an additional 5 rounds standing. Ranked by overall score.


Sean P. 146-6X 1
Joe R. 135-0X 2
Fred C. 133-2X 3
Gerry 133-1X 4
Robert A. 125-0X 5
Turini 124-3X 6
Jerry S. 55-0X 7