Club Shoot - March 2014

On March 16th, EGC held a bullseye pistol shoot at the West Coast Armory North Range. 9 shooters participated in the .22 portion; 5 participated in the centerfire portion. The results are below.

Match registration

Briefing by range staff

Target setup for one relay

Reviewing on the range
No pictures shooting (there'd only be people's backs)
Scoring targets


.22 Scores
NameTotal ScoreRank
Paul S.235 3X1
Mark M.224 2X2
Greg G.217 2X3
Scott O.1804
Dan G.174 1X5
Doug W.1676
Wayne W.1637
Rich D.1378
Fred C.1189
Centerfire Scores
NameTotal ScoreRank
Mark M.240 2X1
Rich D.1362
Trevor M.1203
Fred C.1194
Dan G.885