EGC Turkey Shoot - November 2010

The club sponsored a Turkey Shoot on Saturday, November 20. The NRA Light Rifle Format was used, and prizes ranging from a Turkey to Turkey Spam were handed out. The Course of Fire utilized NRA Light Rifle Rules.

In addition to Light Rifle Rules, we introduced an "Unlimited/Expert" category for more experienced shooters or rifles that did not meet the light rifle rules (e.g., air rifles or competition rifles).

Light rifle category
Justin P.3247-1X47-2X4346-1X44-1X259-5X1R
John D.3843-1X3146-1X43-1X28229-3X2R
Jerry S.2414424122311743R
Floyd L.4033734R
Bill T.151313415R


Light rifle category - Youth
Makenna P.363945428141841Y


Unlimited rifle category
Paul S.46-1X4349-2X49-3X49-3X45281-9X1E
Sean P.41464949-4X47-2X43-1X275-7X2E
Wayne W.384447-2X47-2X47-1X42265-5X3E
Mark M.45-2X4442444343261-2X4E
George S.4444-1X47394135250-1X5E

The classes:

The categories:

Light rifle

For the unlimited class, there are additional rules