EGC Turkey Shoot - November 2011

The club sponsored a Turkey Shoot on Saturday, November 19. The NRA Light Rifle Format was used, and prizes ranging from a Turkey to Turkey Spam were handed out. The Course of Fire utilized NRA Light Rifle Rules.

In addition to Light Rifle Rules, we introduced an "Unlimited/Expert" category for more experienced shooters or rifles that did not meet the light rifle rules (e.g., air rifles or competition rifles).

Sighting in

Expert shooters

Experts again

Youth shooters

Sean assisting one of the youth shooters

Experts kneeling
(No pictures of the light rifle shooters
as the photographer was one of them)
Light rifle category
John D.62-1X8390-2X235-3X1L
Troy T.587590-1X223-1X2L
Aaron T.4682-1X33161-1X3L
Fred C.5869127DNFL
Scott M.7272DNFL


Light rifle category - Youth
Jacob M.4432801561Y
McKenna P.5032541362Y
Megan F.5253301353Y


Unlimited rifle category
Paul S.93-4X94-4X97-4X284-12X1E
Greg C.88-1X91-1X89-2X268-4X2E
Mark M.7891-1X92-2X261-3X3E
Sean P.81-1X89-1X90-2X260-4X4E
Wayne W.81-1X85-1X92-3X258-5X5E
Marissa F.83-1X8785255-1X6E
Buddy F.695582-1X206-1X7E

The classes:

DNF = Did not finish

The categories defined:

Light rifle

For the unlimited class, there are additional rules