EGC Turkey Shoot - November 2013

The club sponsored a Turkey Shoot on Saturday, November 17 at the Wildlife Committee of Washington’s Kenmore Range. We generally used the NRA Light Rifle Format. Prizes ranging from a turkey to turkey spam were handed out.

We divided into two groups: match rifles (e.g., air rifles or competition rifles) and sporting rifles (the rest). Only standard velocity ammunition may be used in the indoor range. Scores are after the photos.

Going over the procedures

Rich & Paul, who ran the event

The firing line

Firing prone

Standing position

Hobey firing standing

Scoring the targets
NameCLUBAdult / JuniorIron or OpticScorePrize Level
Hobey U.BEEGCAdultIron2181st

Greg C.BEEGCAdultOptic2421st
Fred C.BEEGCAdultOptic2352nd
Chris B.BEEGCAdultOptic213 1X3rd

Paul S.WCWAdultIron213 2X1st

Kevin K.WCWAdultOptic256 2X1st